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I am Kiran Patel and currently, I am working in Canada and my entire process was taken care by pacific immigration.

We especially thank the staff and the entire team who have been looking for my job search and I really appreciate all the hard work done by them all the efforts taken by them so my message to them is just that keep up good work I really really appreciate all the hard work done by you.



Hello I'm Ashok chauhan and I applied for a visa to the Canada with Pacific about some times ago and they really took me through the process of how to go about it and they trained me with the mock interviews and everything that I wasn't sure about how to go about it so they totally educated me about it and they assigned personal assistance to me was a personal help to me about whatever doubts I had whatever things I did not know so she was really helpful



I would like to thank Pacific immigration and the entire team, especially the director for helping me get my student visa for Canada. He helped me in finding the right university and course. He was there for me through the entire process and was knowledgeable of everything. If I had any queries, He would always reply promptly, no matter how many times I called him. Thanks again Pacific Immigration, for helping me achieve my dreams



I was devastated and nervous before knowing about Pacific immigration because my first choice of counselors had left me out to dry, four-five months of follow ups and meets just ensured that my time was wasted with other study abroad agents in Ahmedabad. My friend’s sister suggested me to visit Pacific immigration, I was happy and relaxed because many of my school friends had gone through them. Here when I walked in I felt a renewed enthusiasm and hope that I could revive my chances of flying to Australia. Initially started with IELTS and completed with HOLDING MY VISA IN HAND while posting my review as I’m so glad that I chose Pacific as my overseas consultancy and a very big thanks to pacific team who did so much of efforts for me and bear my over-anxious personality for this long. If not for her and her team I am sure I wouldn’t be going to my dream country Australia because of all the uncertainties and complexities my financial documents entailed which was certainly not a desirable image when applying for visa but I got my visa within 5 days. They have been the most transparent and communicative association I could find. Now, when the dream I saw is within tangible reach I am full of gratitude to Pacific immigration and their endless support. Thank you so very much  and I’ll do you proud.

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