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Looking for information on Visas? Congratulations! You have reached the right destination. PACIFIC Immigration is the best visa consultancy service in Ahmedabad. A visa is your legal entry document into a nation. Student visas, in particular, helps several Indians to study abroad in high-class institutions.

If you think procuring a visa is an easy task, then let’s begin with the fact that it’s not! Every country has different criteria as to how a student will end up contributing to the benefit of a nation and won’t become a liability on them. But you are not required to go into such details. Our counselors are professionals who have worked immensely in this field and as such, provide legitimate information on the entire process.

College Students


If you or your child would like to study in a non-native country, you would require a student visa. This Visa will act as your clearance document throughout your student life in foreign. Pacific Immigration makes sure to guide all the aspiring students in the best possible way for visa clearance. We are waiting to assist you!

Student Life

USA Student Visa

The United States boasts some of the best Ivy League institutes in the world. Business or other visas may get a little complicated, but thousands of students easily procure their student visas to begin their education in the USA.

Professor with Students

UK Student Visa

The student visas required for the UK are of Tier 4 type. They are only provided for full-time courses and not part-time courses. The Visa is based on the path that you opt for at the institute. In turn, the institution sponsors the tier 4 visa for the individual. This Visa can be applied by an individual who resides outside of the UK and EU.

Students Taking Exams

Canada Student Visa

Canada provides the study permit that lasts up to the length of the student’s course. An additional period of 90 days is also offered for deciding if the Visa has to be renewed or not. The students can also work for a part-time job without a work permit in the country.

Student Street Notes

Australia Student Visa

Unfortunately, Australia charges double fees from international students than Australian nationals. But for your information and Australian student visa depends upon the duration of your course. If the course is for two years, then the Visa will also last for two years.


Singapore Student Visa

If you wish to study in Singapore, then after receiving your approval from the institute, apply to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for a Student Pass. The student pass enables international students to study in the country throughout the length of their course.

German Teacher

Germany Student Visa

Because of the fees, Germany is a fantastic option to study abroad. If you are thinking of pursuing a full-time course in Germany, then you should apply for a student visa at your nearest German embassy.


UAE Student Visa

If you are looking for a permit to study in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then you need a student visa. Moreover, for individuals aged from 13 to 18, a visa for training purposes is available while for 15 to 18, a permit for work is also available.

New Hires

New Zealand Student Visa

If you opt for a visa to study in New Zealand, then the processing time is 25 days. According to statistics, a majority of the permits are issued in this duration. But if the documents are missing or there are other issues, then the term may increase as per the problem.

Student in Library

Malaysia Student Visa

As the quality of lifestyle has been improving in our country day by day, many people aspire for better education for their children as such they lookout for better perspectives of educational institutions abroad. Malaysia is one of those countries which has simple visa procurement processes relating to student visas.

Students in Classroom

Switzerland Student Visa

A student visa for studying in Switzerland comprises of a Schengen C Visa. To apply for this one, you would have to reach out to the embassy. After providing a well filled out form and all the necessary documents, you will be able to receive your Visa in less time

Woman in Grey Sweater

Hong Kong Student Visa

If you wish to study in Hong Kong, then the institute that you get approval from will have to apply for the Visa. Please note that the Visa for students can be applied for if the course is longer than that of 90 days.

Irish Kilts

Ireland Student Visa

Several students apply for a student visa in Ireland. You should only apply for a student visa if you are planning to pursue a full-time course. If you have graduated, then you have a period of 12 months with yourself for staying and finding employment within the country. Moreover, if you have post graduated, then a period of 24 months is provided. Also, if your education is of level seven, then a period of six months is offered.


Acquiring a visa for the country that you would like to study is not a simple task. Why do we say so because every country decides the influx of students based on different criteria? All these criteria have to be matched with to receive the Visa successfully. Thus we recommend you to seek help from us to you as immigration as soon as you collect the funds after receiving the acceptance letter from the foreign institution

We do not boast about our services just like that. We say that we are the best consultancy services because we can provide our customers with in-depth information that is required for successful visa procedures.

The visa services at Pacific Immigration include:

  • Complete guidance on Student Visa Processes

  • Visa Application and Supporting Document Checking

  • Visa Interview Training and Mock Interview Practice

Not only this but we have a group of country-specific counselors who will be able to guide the students from A to Z of moving to a foreign country for education. So what are you waiting for? Pacific Immigration is waiting to assist you!

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